Monday, December 29, 2008

"Chick - Fill- Aay"

Maya's favorite place to eat is Chick-fill-a. Although she does like their chicken nuggets, her main reason for loving it is that they give out books with the kids meals (at least right now they are) and they have a play gym thingy. We actually have two locations of Chick-fill-a, this is the stand alone building with the gym. The mall location is another favorite of Maya's because they have a tv showing Veggie Tales and kiddie beanbag chairs. Maya enjoys playing in the play area, but would not go up the gym thingy because it is a tube slide (she's not really a fan) connected to tunnels and the way in is a verticle tube that you have to be a bit taller than Maya to climb up. Maya has been content to play in the little kid part of the gym. Until today. She climbed up that tube slide backwards and was up inside that tube thingy where I couldn't see her or get to her. It is a whole new world now. My baby is growing up!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Jesus and Winnie the Pooh

Every time we head out for a drive these days we enjoy all of the wonderful Christmas lights and decorations. Every day Maya requests seeing Winnie the Pooh, which means while we drive we both keep our eyes open for any big inflatable Poohs. If we don't see one on our journey, we know where one is that is not too out of the way, so we drive by that particular house to see Winnie. Today, when we got in the car after visiting Grandma, Maya requested to see Baby Jesus. We always point out Baby Jesus when we see him in someone's yard, but this is the first day she requested Baby Jesus specifically. Luckily, we also have a Nativity scene in our neighborhood, so after looking on our way with no luck, we drove to the house where we know we could see Baby Jesus. it is good to know that Maya thinks that Baby Jesus is just as important as Winnie the Pooh.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I do believe in fairies!

Today we went to see a production of the musical Peter Pan. Maya did amazingly well considering that the play was 40 minutes, 10 min intermission, 60 minutes, 10 min intermission, and then 30 more minutes! I was having trouble sitting still that long. Maya was so excited to see Tinkerbell. I was worried at first when Tinkerbell was actually played by lights dancing across the stage, but she loved it. In the scene when Tinkerbell drinks the poison to save Peter Pan, and Peter Pan turns to the audience and asks, "Do you beleive in fairies?" Maya was the first one in the audience to say "yes". She loved saying "I believe in fairies" and clapping her hands to help Tinkerbell come back to life. I had tears in my eyes, she was so cute. She also exclaimed, "Peter Pan" out loud the first time he was on stage and said his name to Wendy. She was so excited to see him after I had been telling her all about Peter Pan before the show. I guess I have to buy the Disney version now, because she was already asking to see it again before we left the theatre.